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17 days ago

OCR Issues

I've been playing around with some sample OCR javascript code that I discovered on the Smartbear website. the following function is supposed to find some specific text on the current screen (passed in as the OCRText variable). if the intPixelValue is a positive number it will click below the textblock. if negative it will click above it. if the inputText variable is not "" then it will key in the value into a textblock. 

At first it seemed to work really well but, lately, I've been receiving  errors such as the following: 

or this one

is this OCR thing just not very stable or what?

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      Thanks for the link. When i read this

      i must admit that I was trying to rely on the OCR for things that did have "other means of access". I removed a bunch of calls to the script function and will only use it if there is no other way to get at it. thanks!