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12 months ago

TestComplete Test Adapter (v15.53.9) issues running tests in DevOps



We're currently seeing issues running our tests via TestExecute, we believe this is being caused/coincided with the update to the TestComplete test adapter yesterday as our tests were completely fine on the evening of the 25th July, we run tests daily, with tests on the 26th July failing after the new version of the test adapter was released.


I've listed a snippet of the build log as below;


"2023-07-27T08:49:29.7207073Z ##[error]Failed to get a list of tests from the "C:\a\r1\a\<REPONAMERemoved>\<FileName>.pjs" file due to the following error: Cannot start process because a file name has not been provided.
2023-07-27T08:49:29.7214527Z No test matches the given testcase filter `Group=InstallationAndLicencing` in C:\a\r1\a\<REPONAMERemoved>\<FileName>.pjs
2023-07-27T08:49:29.7950327Z Results File: C:\a\_temp\TestResults\AzDevOps_UIMCUKP0002RD_2023-07-27_08_49_29.trx
2023-07-27T08:49:29.8173580Z ##[error]Test Run Failed."


In an attempt to rule out any issues our side, we've updated to the latest version of TestExecute that we can download, v15.53.2 and installed this on the VM image that gets installed on our VMSS, but not change.


Is there some other modification we're required to do? 

Or is there an issue within the test adapter within DevOps -



  • Hey,


    we just released new version of Test Adapter.


    Best regards,


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