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11 years ago

Chrome - SSL Warnings

Hi All,

I've previously raised this with the support team but still having issues with it. We're currently scripting our tests this week and the biggest issue we have is that we're using Chrome for our testing and basically whenever we script for the 'SSL Warnings' --It Proceeds anyway and then we get to the username/password section this area always fails. I've been looking on the way for a way to supress the SSL warnings which result in script failure, any advice would be really appreciated!



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    Hi Aaron,


    As far as I can see, the TestComplete Customer Care Team suggested that you add the certificate from the tested web site to the list of the trusted certificates in the Manage Certificates dialog in Chrome settings.


    Didn't this help?

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      I have tried to add my test website certificate in manage certification but still I am facing this issue. Can anyone help me with this?