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7 years ago

Automatic Email reports brake

Hi all!


I have a script running to send out automatic emails and it has been working just fine for a long time.

I run same test cases on my computer and on a remote server. 


For some reason, all of a sudden it stopped working on the server (error I get attached).

Same script works just fine on my machine. 


Here is the script:


function Test()
if (SendMail("", "relay.ventureresource.local", "Roman Marchuk", "",
"Regression MCF CA, Lighthouse and NFDM QA (All Groups)", " MCF Report attached. \n Groups tested: \n Canada: 1, 2, 3, 4 for both CCCS CA and \n Lighthouse: 1, 2, 3, 4 ( & Lighthouse) \n NFDM: 1 and 2 \n \n Thank You!", "V:\\TestComplete\\Reports\\Report_MCF_2.mht"))
Log.Message("Mail was sent");
Log.Warning("Mail was not sent");




What can be wrong?

See attachment.

  • Hey, I figured it out, for some reason that server had multiple IP addresses and that was messing it up...

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