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6 years ago

How to send an email automatically after Test case Run with the report

I am using Ready API 2.5 


How can i send an email with the report automatically after test case ?

  • 678,
    Would you please clarify below:
    # Which version of ReadyAPI you using ?
    # How do you execute the tests? Using UI? or command line?

    I use apache ant to execute the tests. There can have a step to send the email post execution of tests.
    And there is no point in sending the email after each tests. Imagine there are hundreds or thousands of tests.

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    Sorry 678 - -can you clarify a bit


    What report are you talking about?  Are you saying you want to send an email with a report attached when a test case has completed?


    have you already got a report setup/configured?


    if you have lots of test cases - wont this mean lots of 'reports' being sent?  would you not prefer sending the email with a report after the project or testsuite has executed rather than after the testcase has executed?


    yeah - I could do wiht a bit more info





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      Thanks Riche 


      I am looking a overall testcase repot after Project/TestSuite run 


      I don't have any setup currently 

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        any update over here i am looking for Test suite report over the email with all the test cases status