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8 years ago

"Automatic conversion of the code snippet... may corrupt the code" when opening a project suite

Hello, I have a project suite in TestComplete. We started with v10, and now we have version 12. We use v12 from 6 months with no problem. I recently added a new project test in the project suite, ...
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    8 years ago

    OK, I found the problem:
    - Projects were created with JScript
    - Someone changed the default language with JavaScript, in Tools -> Options
    - I then created a new project, and added existing keyword tests (coded with JScript)
    Then I always had the 4-5 warnings when opening the project suite, even after changing the default language to JScript, in Tools -> Options

    I have edited the MDS file of the new project, and changed the "config language" parameter:
    It was JavaScript in it: config language="{90F89436-9452-4F95-9882-6B5210079F13}"
    And I changed it with JScript: config language="{E42909F2-4390-4F5D-94B8-FABF59BABFCE}"

    No more warnings!
    Thank you for your support!