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5 years ago

"An invalid argument was passed." Error appears while executing nunit test through TestComplete Proj

I created a project in  Visual Studio and write a nunit test . When i added the nunit test in testcomplete and execute it. nunit test fails with following error: The NUnit console has returned an error during the test execution. See Additional Information for details. 15:55:32 Normal 2.07


In additional Information it mentioned the following error:


An invalid argument was passed.

"D:\Installers\NUnit.Console-3.10.0\bin\net35\nunit3-console.exe" /xml="D:\Webservice Project\Webservice\Webservice\bin\Debug\Webservice.trx" "D:\Webservice Project\Webservice\Webservice\bin\Debug\Webservice.dll" /nologo /run=Webservice.MyTestClass.testmethod
Invalid argument: /xml=D:\Webservice Project\Webservice\Webservice\bin\Debug\Webservice.trx
Invalid argument: /nologo
Invalid argument: /run=Webservice.MyTestClass.testmethod
NUnit Console Runner 3.10.0 (.NET 2.0)
Copyright (c) 2019 Charlie Poole, Rob Prouse
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 3:55:30 PM
This test is working fine when execute through Command prompt. Can anyone help me what is teh cause of this error?
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    5 years ago


    You use NUnit2 command Line parameters.
    NUnit3 can't use this parameters

    Could you check a version of TestComplete(Only TestComplete 14.10 supports NUnit3)

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