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11 years ago

TestExecute vs TestComplete Execution Speed

In our environment, I write the automations on one system, then we use our TE licenses to execute them on other machines (or I run it in TC on the machine they were written on). We are just now starting to do these distributed tests, so this is the first time we've actually used TestExecute.

I completed a rather lengthy test, and tried running it on another machine with identical hardware. The test runs in 90 minutes on my machine, it takes nine hours to run in TE on the other.

I loaded up TE on my machine and ran with TestExecute instead of TC, and it only took the 90 minutes. 

I have reviewed the tips at , but nothing there helps.

Any ideas why  TE runs faster on the machine that has TC installed, but many times slower on identical hardware that doesn't?
  • Kirk,

    This is a long shot. Our distributed tests have been running slowly on the VM's. Performance metrics did not show much activity of interest and the symptoms were pretty much those of an I/O bottleneck. Monitoring TestComplete10 with Sysinternals Process Monitor showed a large number of calls back to the developer machine. Doing a DOS findstr on the workstation name in project files showed that the VM's were querying the developer station for performance metrics. Removing the metrics got rid of the problem.

    Of course, the VM's are still slow compared to workstation, but performance is much better in general.

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