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4 years ago

Testcomplete / testExecute Configuration and help



I have many questions for you, i hope we will figure it out. i am from france so i apologize for some bad sentence.


I have a real server which we will called A, and a virtual server called B on another network. I got TestComplete Locked on A and TestExecute Floated on B. I run KeywordTests on windows app


1. I would like to know how to activate the floated license of testexecute on B, i tried my best but didnt succeed, i ve understand i should activate the license first on A which is a real machine, and then transfert it to B. But didnt understand how. I ve tried with Sentinel Admin Control Center but failed.

On A i got this :

on B i got this :

I got this on B, is this working and license transfered?


2.A I would like to setup jenkins send test to B which will run my test with testexecute.

For the moment i ve sucessfully connected jenkins to A, which run test with testcomplete, but thats not exactly what i want. 

2.B I didnt know how to connect A to B with keywordTest and NetworkSuite/Slave/Jobs

I have access to the base path which means connection should work, but when i verify connection it failed. What path should i set up?


3. How do you handle the if condition with windows keyword test, like if the windows show do the action, but if there is nothing continue the test with no error.

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