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6 years ago

TestComplete project execution from Jenkins



I am running TestComplete project from commandline using something like below on Win7 machine for desktop app testing. It works fine when I locally run it in CMD or from a batch file. But when I try to run the same command from Jenkins 'Windows Batch module' it doesn't. I got Exit code -1. Tried to launch the batch file from Jenkins but that too did not work.


Now any normal command is working fine from Jenkins on that machine and it's only the TestComplete Execution command wouldn't work. I think I also saw Exit code 1000. Looks like it's related to licensing but I have valid and sufficient license for Desktop testing. Not sure if Jenkins remote execution needs Mobile license too?


Did anyone experience this or would know a solution? Thanks!


Command - cd C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 12\Bin & TestComplete.exe "C:\Jenkins\workspace\QA\Automated_Execution\ABC.pjs" /r /project:ABC /SilentMode /ns /exit

  • Nope, you can run with Test Complete, and would only need the mobile license if you're testing mobile applications from it. 

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