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7 years ago

TestComplete Desktop Script Execution

Hi friends,

  I am new to TestComplete. I have recorded a script to automate my Desktop application. When I rerun the recorded script, I can see that script is waiting for an object after it  has already been executed. This significantly increases the execution Time. Could you please help me with this?


  • Do you have Visualizer on Playback turned on?  That might create some overhead.  

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    Can you provide us with the problematic code line and several lines that surround it ?

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      def getPropertyPageData(short_title, test_purpose, user, feature, subfeature, product,tester_notes):

      integrityClient = Aliases.IntegrityClient


      TVIGuiView = integrityClient.Document_Author_ViewSet

      rootPane = TVIGuiView.RootPane

      layeredPane = rootPane.null_layeredPane

      editIssueWindow = TVIGuiView.Test_Design_Property_Page


      HTMLEditorEx_RichEditorPane = editIssueWindow.Test_Design_Purpose

      HTMLEditorEx_RichEditorPane.Click(18, 9)



      gradientPanel = editIssueWindow.Edit_Details.Content_Section

      genericModifyItemTabFieldsEntryPanel = gradientPanel.Edit_SubSection

      tabLayoutJPanelBase_GridPanel = genericModifyItemTabFieldsEntryPanel.Details

      tabLayoutJPanelBase_GridPanel.PanelEx2.field_Assigned_User_7.EditFieldComponentMultiValue_1.DataFilterPopup_DFComboBox.ComboBox_arrowButton.Click(8, 7)


      textFieldEx = rootPane.TextBox

      textFieldEx.Keys(user) #the script waits for 3 seconds after executing this step

      panel = layeredPane.null_contentPane

      panel2 = panel.Panel

      buttonEx = panel2.Panel.ButtonEx

      listEx = panel2.DataFilterListPanel.Panel.DataFilterCollapsablePanel.PanelEx.ScrollPane.Viewport.ListEx


      tabLayoutJPanelBase_GridPanel.PanelEx5.field_Feature_579.EditFieldComponentMultiValue_1.DataFilterPopup_DFComboBox.ComboBox_arrowButton.Click(10, 8)

      textFieldEx.Keys("Another New Feature")  #the script waits for 3 seconds after executing this step

      listEx.ClickItem("Another New Feature")  #the script waits for 3 seconds after executing this step


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        It waits for atleast 3 seconds after each ListBox , Textbox item.