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13 days ago

.ClickItem() not working anymore?

I've been using .ClickItem("&Tools | Code Tables | Agency") for quite a long time to click through to a certain menu item on a ribbon, but now that doesn't work. I get "unable to find the object ClickItem("&Tools | Code Tables | Agency") now after I updated.

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  • Hey, thanks for the information AlexKaras . We are aware of the problem and team is already working on the fix.

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      Hi Pawel,


      Thank you for the confirmation.






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    if this is happening with the latest release (15.65) then i am having similar issues and have reported it to smartbear. for me 15.64 was working but i went ahead and upgraded to 15.65 and the issue started. i have reverted back to 15.64. 

    here is an illustration of what the issue for me is. the image below shows the testcomplete object browser when i have 15.64 installed. note all the children that can be seen under the level indicated by the red arrow. when i upgrade to 15.65 every child under that level goes missing and the little white expansion triangle doesn't even exist



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      I think the consensus is they broke working with WPF objects in 15.65.  Hopefully a fix will be available soon.