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14 years ago

How do I use Code Collaborator with an unsupported VCS?

I'm using a version control system that Code Collaborator does not provide native support for. How can I still use Code Collaborator?

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    For version control systems that we do not have native support for, we provide a generic command, the "ccollab addiffs" command, through the commandline client that will work with any or no VCS.

    If the VCS can provide the diffs in unified diff format, you can pipe them into Code Collaborator as follows:

      {command to get diffs} | ccollab adddiffs {reviewid} -

    Here, {reviewid} can be replaced with the word 'new' for a new review; the word 'last' for the most recent review; or the number of the review you want to add them to.

    Alternatively, you can create two directories, one with the "base" versions and one with the "current" versions, and use "ccollab adddiffs" to add the differences between the base and current versions. 

    The "ccollab addfiles" command is another generic command that can be used with any VCS.