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5 years ago

Notification template for "List Review Stalled Author Not Reworking" is incorrect


The notification template for "List Review Stalled Author Not Reworking" is incorrectly assigning defects to non-authors.  The template looks like this:



Review #${}: "${review.title}" is currently stalled waiting for ${}


Review #${} has defects that need to be fixed by ${} and verified before the review can complete.
Created: ${review.datecreated} by ${}
Deadline: ${review.deadline}
Workflow: ${review.workflow}
Defect Log: ${review.defectlog}


Looking at the substitution variables docs and the notification template docs, the var should be (see vars here:  The description of this notification template also supports that it should be the author that is responsible for defects and is being waited on, not the other users (link here:



List Review Stalled Author Not Reworking

Sent to:

All review participants and recipients of the notification list emails.


Indicates that the review is stalled because the author needs to fix some defects.



This was issue was pointed out here previously, but the topic was closed without action (


This appears to be pretty cut and dry and I would expect this to be fixed in an upcoming release.  This issue was noted in 9.2 in the previous post, and we are on 11.5.11506.

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