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wnd.Keys("112") enters 1122 rather than 112

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wnd.Keys("112") enters 1122 rather than 112

I have a script that should enter 112 into a text input field but instead it sometimes enter 1122. 

Code looks like this:


Sometimes it enters it correctly and other times it just doesnt, the biggest issue with this it crashes our dev build of the software so if I was to run a script overnight then it crashes when it gets to this point then the rest of the script wont run and thats wasted time.

Previous value in the input field so it is clearing the whole text input field before hand. 

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I would step through it with Debug so you can see the test step execute and watch what is actually happening.  I am guessing that your backspaces are not always clearing the field and there are left over characters rather than the script entering different things.

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The field would originally be populated with "65" so there is no chance that any characters would be left over. 


It doesnt always happen which is making is making the issue quite interesting, especially when this line is used maybe 7 times throughout this script that lasts maybe 2.5 minutes and the input field always begins with 65.

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And what happens when you step through it?

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Watching it happen and the "65" is deleted and "1122" is entered into the text field input. The logs however say 

'[BS][BS][BS]112[Enter]' was sent as a keyboard input to the following window or control.
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Please try with the below code snippet

Please let me know if that solved your problem.

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Alternatively, see if the SetText method is available on the component.  That will remove the need for using the backspace and enter.  Also, this appears to be a "stutter" problem that happens sometimes with highly active web pages with regards to keystrokes.

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