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3 years ago

API Test entering complax body

I am trying to post a complex object. The form data input can only have maximum 7 rows in my browser. No scroll bar shown. And I don't what the format is for the RAW mode. I did not find anything in the document.

  • VictorZ :

    how to enter the address?

    Just an idea: have you tried to enter


    { "Address1": "1234 5th ave.", "PostalCode": "22222"}


    as a value for the Address field?

    Does it work? If you use Fiddler or any other recording proxy, does the above result in a correct expected request body?


    MPunsky :

    Thank you for the link and video.


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      It is for LoadNinja not RealApi.

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        Hm-m-m... I did not use LoadNinja for a long time but do not remember where one was able to craft API request manually.

        Can you post a screenshot to make things more clear?