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using a loop to select a certain value of a combo box

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using a loop to select a certain value of a combo box

Hi, In TestComplete a want to select a certain value of a combobox.with country names in it I want to do that with a loop. So want to search in the combobox until I find de country "Australia" I don't think it is a data driven loop, because the value I need is not in a tabel or excel document but from a combobox in a screen. I cannot find how the syntax looks like.

Hello @RobvanBeest2 - 


The Object Spy tool can be used to view the syntax of the options - for example:



Once you know the sytax i would suggest using a ClickItem method to select Australia - I do not believe a loop will be necessary. 


Let me know if you have additional questions. 



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You can use a While loop


and loop 'while mycomboboxvalue <> 'Australia' 

this will work if you are sure that Australia is in the combo box


if Australia might not be there, then you will have to add another value to check at the same time like the count of the combo box list



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Hi @RobvanBeest2,


Another solution would be to use the 'Find' method to search through your comboBox for designated data, store the object to a variable then perform any required actions on that variable.


Here is an example script in Python;

def findChild():
  #navigate to the w3c example page
  browser = Aliases.browser
  #click on the comboBox to open it for child object detection  
  #spy the entire comboBox and create a variable that hold the comboBox object itself
  box = Aliases.browser.pageSelectOnlyComboboxExampleWai.FindElement("#listbox1")
  #search through all the Child objects of the comboBox and click on one that has Apple as the contentText
  child = box.Find("contentText", "Apple", "10")


And here is the document for the 'Find' method;


I hope this helps!





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