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stuck testcomplete

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stuck testcomplete

I encounter an issue  when record web applications  some times and my computer  get stuck and record get stuck, Can you help me on this I have 8 GB memory and Intel core i 5 processor and test on trial version

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More info needed!!!!


EXACTLY which version of TestComplete?


Which operating system.


What kind of web applications? What are they written in? What browser and you using?

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Version : 11.31.2420.7
Browser : Crome
OS : Windows10

Application : Web Application

How long have you tried leaving it once it "sticks"?


I have read a few people having performance issues using TC11.3 and Chrome. Not sure if Win 10 is a factor.


So next time it sticks, give it a few minutes (like, 5-10) and see if it releases ...

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