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splwow64 warning when closing tested apps?


splwow64 warning when closing tested apps?

I am running TestComplete 8 on Windows 7 64 bit. At the end of the log file, there is a warning that says:

"C:\Windows\splwow64.exe" got a command to close, but it is still running, though the default timeout has expired. 

This takes place when I call TestedApps.CloseAll()

The impact of this warning is that if the warning causes my test not to register as passed, which means I have to open the log and verify it. I can work around this by disabling logging right before calling CloseAll, and then turning it back on afterwards. That way, the proper status will get reported.

I'm not sure what splwow64 is, other than it is some Windows program, and I'm not sure why an attempt to close it is being made when I close my tested apps. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do, sort of temporarily disabling logging to get rid of this warning?

Robert Lent

Hi Robert,

To help us investigate the issue, zip the entire project suite directory and send us the archive along with steps leading to the problem.
TestComplete Customer Care Engineer

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Splwow64.exe is a Windows print spooler program. It was probably automatically added to your TestedApps when you recorded a test and called a print function or something similar.

A few workarounds:

1) Instead of TestedApps.CloseAll(), try using TestedApps.your app name as it is known by TestedApps.Close().

2) Remove Splwow64 from your list of TestedApps.

3) Put in a 30 second delay after CloseAll(), then use TestedApps.TerminateAll() to forcibly end all programs. (This is a last resort and not suggested if you have MSWindows components in your TestedApps.)

Good luck.
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