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Unable to get a license from a VM

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Unable to get a license from a VM

I have a TC floating single user license installed on a PC running W10 2004. TC (version 14) works fine on that PC. I installed VmWare (version 16) on that PC. I installed a VM running W10 from 2015. VM network configuration is:

- Network Adapter: NAT

I have not changed anything on the License Manager. Allow Remote Access to ACC is off.

From the VM, using the host PC IP address, I can ping the host PC and I can display the Sentinel Admin Control Center with Edge.

I installed TC on the VM. Everything seems OK. But I am unable to obtain a license for TC on the VM. TC displays a panel saying:

Unable to find an activated license for Test Complete 14.

I have tried different things, but without improvement. What can I do?

I am using TC since a couple of years. Previously I was using TC12 on W7 with on old version of VmWare. I didn't encountered such problems.

Pascal Quesseveur
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Hi Pascal,


I think that you should tweak how your license server is searched.


and related articles do not help, I would create a Support ticket via the form.


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I upgraded to last version of TC and License Manager and everything is OK now.

Pascal Quesseveur
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