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Testing Screen Resolution

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Testing Screen Resolution

Hi all

I am new to TestComplete web module and I was wondering if it is possible to test screen resolution.


We recently got a feedback that a part of our newly developed functionality looks different on different screen resolution i.e desktop vs a laptop computer. It would be good to know if there is any possibility to test this through TestComplete.



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The answer is that yes, you can... but it involves doing image comparisons which are notoriously difficult to nail down due to pixel differences, color differences, etc.


I usually skip any "look and feel" testing when it comes to running automated tests.  You end up spending so much time in the coding and the debugging of image comparisons and such that you could probably do the look and feel test faster manually.

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 image comparisons which are notoriously difficult to nail down [...]


Applitools Eyes provides a really promising approach to solve this problem and their Images SDK can be used from within TestComplete (via .Net Bridge). So I would recommend to take a look and try.



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