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4 years ago

TestComplete scripts are failing with Different Screen Resolutions.



I have the below query related to TestComplete:


 I have created Testcomplete scripts with Machine Screen Resolution lets say (1366 *768) and I am able to run the scripts successfully and the same scripts are failing if another user trying to run the scripts with different screen resolution.


Query: Is there is any impact in Results if there is a change in Screen Resolution. Would be great full if anyone confirm on this.

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      Thank you Marsha!


      Hi thoshima ! Does this answer your question?

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    if your screen resolution are changing please fixed the application sized on the launch so try to use some common size in which you have recorded the script.

    Window.Position(0, 0, 1366 ,768); // this is to fill all standard recommended display screen

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    Thank You so much everyone.


    I got the solution for this and instead of x,y coordinates, I have provided calculative coordinates ie., Object identification using unique properties and now my script is working fine.


    anupamchampati - Yeah I will try this way as well. Thanks