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8 years ago

How to compare pictures on the screen with different resolution?



I have used  'Regions.Compare' method for comparing pictures. I had expected if I take the picture from the screen with lower resolution as 'expected picture' it will be work on all screen with highs resolution, but it's not TRUE. What could you to recommend?  

my screen resolution: 

1200 x 800
1024 x 764


  • You can create a collection of template images for every required resolution, and then compare exactly what you need. 

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  • i recommend 1024 * 768 resolution.


    While Taking Regions images..please take at 0 will working well for compare




    Karthick Raj P

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      sorry, but not understand what you mean "take at 0 pixels.". Could you please to explain? 

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        Please Refer screenshot..take image as small as possible with 0 pixels