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Splitting a project to run a daytime and night time test

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Splitting a project to run a daytime and night time test

I am fairly new to Testcomplete and according to my co-workers, what I want should be possible, but they don't know.


Here's what I want/need to do:

Within my domain is a desktop application which is tested with Testcomplete. However, due to the amount of things to be tested, we want to split/clone the project in a way that a part of the tests is being done during daytime and a full(er) test is being done at night.


How do I do it?

- splitting/cloning the project in a day project and night project

- schedule the projects to be executed at times I want them to be executed


Thanks in advance! 



You can do this in a few ways. 

If you want to run the same Project, I would recommend copying the test so there would be a day test and night test. Or we could have a Day and night Project, so each would have their own pipeline. 

Scheduling tests can be done in a few ways too. Are you currently using a CI/CD tool like Azure Dev ops or Jenkins? Commonly we schedule pipeline builds from there, but we can use Microsoft task scheduler too. 

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Cheers for your reply. We use Jenkins so I will talk to one of our resident
Jenkins gurus to get that up and running. I think it shouldn’t be too hard
to do.

Perfect, here is some documentation to help along the way. There is a video and a few different ways to go about it. 

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