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4 years ago

ReadyAPI Composite project. Can it be split by test case or is it only split by test suite?

As title suggests, would it be possible to make a ReadyAPI project where the files are split by test case instead of the default split by test suite? 


This is so two people could work simultaneously on different test cases in the same suite



  • As far as I am aware, there is no way to customize how a "Composite Project" splits an XML file into different folders and files. It'll split into folders per test suite, and then each test suite will have its test cases in separate XML files.


    So two users could work within the same test suite, but NOT the same test case, as they'd be touching the same base level XML file.


    If I understand what you want, you'd want to split this at the test case level, which is inherently already done. Each test case in its separate XML file, but split into different folders per which Test Suite it lives in. Does that help?

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    Do you use any repository for managing the project artifacts such as git, svn etc? Hope you do, suggest to use if not already using.

    Based on the question, here are two cases:
    1. If starting with fresh test suite, then there wont be any cases. So, when the artifacts are pushed to central repository, the one one who does the check-in later have to merge.

    2. If two users working on two different test cases, like I mentioned earlier, the one who check-in later have to merge.

    I don't see anything conflicting here with repository in place after both users checkin and get the latest; so that both users get updated project.

    By the way, there is an alternate way. The tool supports to export or import a particular test case which can also be used to get the updates from different users. But, multiple users have to export and import here in this case which is more work.

    Use of repository is the best practice and avoid losing of work and best for the team.
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      Great advice Rao and Matthew!


      rbc-coop was this solved for you? Please share the solution🙂

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        Thank you, that answered my question clearly!

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    Hey rbc-coop,

    Youre using a composite project, right? The principal reason for storing your project as an unflattened composite rather than flat .xml file is to allow >=2 users simultaneous updates to a single project (as long as the users dont try to update the same testcase within the same checkout to ensure you dont get merge conflicts).

    Why do you want to split the it just so 2 users can update different testcases in same project? Cos the composite file handles that (assuming youre storing in a version controlled repo).

    In regards to simultaneous updates to the same composite project's teststeps, i cant be certain cos each time ive worked on a composite project, we worked at testcase level updates not teststep updates, but im guessing as long as the simultaneous users dont update the same object within the project hierarchy (and the smallest object in hierarchy is a teststep) so as long as the simultaneous users dont update the same teststep (so no merge conflicts) then the updates to the same testcase should be fine. The other forum users may have a greater understanding about this than i do.

    Hope ive been clear!

    Nice one,

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      Thank you for explanation Richie!


      rbc-coop Does this help your situation? 

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        Hello Richie, thanks for your explanation, it is good but this is not exactly the answer to my question though so I would like some clarification if you can.


        When I update a normal readyAPI project into a composite project, it splits up the xml file into smaller files by Test Suite. Based on how you described it, if two people can work on two test cases WITHIN the same suite, then I guess there would be an option to also split it by Test Case.


        Could you confirm if that is true and how could I split a readyAPI project into a composite project by Test Case instead of Test Suite?