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Question about entering the Same web data is prepopulating old data entries


Question about entering the Same web data is prepopulating old data entries

I am creating multiple records for testing purposes however, when I create the necessary steps and create the data. Then go back and run the

automation it is supposed to recreate the data with the same information however, the system is automatically prepopulating the previous data that I entered from earlier.


Is there away around this so that the system will allow me to enter the same data in all data fields without TestComplete going and finding

the old data?


My previous records will show up as available as a existing record but I still want to be able to create the same records multiple times.

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Does your application under test allow you to create duplicate records if you are doing it manually?

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Yes. I figured a way around this by closing the tab with the existing old data. My system is setup so that when I add new data all of the older data is visible and available. What was happening was if the fields started to look like they match the system was automatically going down and picking out the older data.

By physically closing the node which shows the existing data the system then allowed me to enter the same data again.

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