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Project Suite 'home page'

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Project Suite 'home page'

Hi All


TestComplete has its own HomePage...

Contains links to recents Projects etc..


Is there anyway of modifying this to all each Project Suite to have a 'read me' page?

We need to have a page that links Exectution Prerequsits, Project Jiras, Confluence pages, Test Info etc..


At the moment I've had to include a Manual Testing Project (Defaulted) and added Test Case with this info... but links do not work..


any help on this ?


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Currently, there's no way of doing that.  THat's an interesting feature request and I probably would vote that up if you add it.

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Thanks for this.
I've just added this as a Feature Request

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Hi @ianrobinson , thank you for creating a feature request. I’ll leave the link to it in this comment in case people would like to vote it up - Project Suite Home Page feature request. 

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