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Most Valuable TestComplete feature

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Most Valuable TestComplete feature

OK... first of all, disclaimer... I am not a SmartBear employee nor am I being compensated in any way by posting this here.  This is purely my curiosity as I have my own opinion and I'd like to hear from others.


There are all SORTS of features in TestComplete that enhance the test automation experience.  One of the things that TestComplete has over some of the other tools is it's wealth of built in features, objects, capabilities, etc.  From the NameMapping object repository to the Keyword testing drag-and-drop test construction interface to the many different built in objects for script development (aqFile, aqDateTime, etc), there's a lot in the product that, in my opinion, makes my job as a test automation engineer easier.


I know there is always room for improvement (the 375+ feature requests here on the community prove that) but, if put to the vote, if you had to pick ONE feature, just one feature that is your MVP of the TestComplete tool, what would it be and why?


FYI, I'm going to hold off on answering this question myself until after SmartBear Connect as my talk on day two of the conference will probably give the answer and I don't like to spoil the surprise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I like Convert To Script.  We are new at scripting and sometimes I just can't get the script to do what I want or I can't find an error.  I can do a quick keyword test and convert it and see what's going on.

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When you compare with other tools like Selenioum, HP/QTP most of TC features  are not unique.

So could not found any exclusive feature as such...


But in a way combination of usage of every thing is valuable.

For eg. both newbie and experienced coder both can use TC.

supports many languages many technologies, single usage to multiple and so.


Hence I think catering for broader range of users is it's strength. 

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For me, it is ODT, object driven testing, as I do use it.

My ODT tree provides testing flow Control and also holds most of the test data.


Sweet spots:

- Separating test Control and test data from testing Code (keeping init/test Code separately)

- capability to handle complex Tests (keeping Control...) because of hierarchical structure (e.g. applying init Code at the appropriate Level ๐Ÿ™‚ )

- test Control structure (= ODT tree) absolutely parallel to log tree => Maximum clarity about what was done

- Control structure dynamically adaptable (during test run) => sub-Tests can be configured as needed in the local context

- capability to use multiple instances at a time


.. simply great, but rarely used, I suspect

I do not know about any other Automation tool supporting this.


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