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Is there a way to post issue to youtrack


Is there a way to post issue to youtrack



We have integrate the execution of our test in TeamCity and it works fine but now we would like to post the issue directly in youtrack when the execution of the test failed. Can you help me with that ?


Thanks !!

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Youtrack provides the API to their service -

So you can create your own hand made script to post reports there.

Also it can be a subject of new feature request.



Their API looks reasonable enough.


I do the same to import/update tests into TestManager on TFS. Using the API.


I'd suggest if it's something you use in most/all your projects, to build it as a Script Extension so it becomes integrated into TC, and thus all your tests. Which is exactly what I've done with the TFS API calls.



Ok thanks !  I will try this 🙂

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can you please guide me step by step the way to integrate my testcomplete with youtrack ?

i'm new to both of them.

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I am trying to integrate TestComplete with YouTrack.

can someone please guide me step by step how to do this.

I'm new to all of this i have made a test project and installed youtrack 2018.3,


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As noted above, creating that interface requires creating custom code within TestComplete to utilize the API. For someone here to step-by-step walk you through it would mean that they would, most likely, be writing the code for you... something that most likely they won't do.


I'd recommend reading the documentation provided up thread by @baxatob and making the attempt.  We can help with specific questions.

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