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How to read content from the webpage (chrome)

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How to read content from the webpage (chrome)

Hi, I am automating desktop application in which I want to print one of my application UI that opens in a chrome browser and have to get the webpage text that needs to copy in an excel file. I am able to launch excel file but not able to copy the webpage content.


I was using"^a^c") but for certian pages, wndChrome_WidgetWin_14 object is undefined.


Please help me out how can I achieve this. Thanks in advance!

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There are two possibilities:


1) The mapping you're using for wndChrome_WidgetWin_14 is insufficient to properly identify the object for any and all pages

2) There may be a timing issue where it might take longer than your automation allows for for the component to come up.  This would be where you would use a WaitAlias or WaitProperty or something to make sure that you wait for the component before you attempt to act against it.

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