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Error while installing trail version - TestComplete.exe is running

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Error while installing trail version - TestComplete.exe is running



when i try to install TC  trail version attached error is shown.

But no test complete is running in backend.

also tried with restart of system.

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I would try uninstalling and installing again.  If that doesn't help, then contact Support directly.  Here's their link:

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Thanks for the advice, Marsha!


@nancypnp Could you let the Community know if you solved the issue?

I found your Support ticket (00472243), it looks like our team is waiting for some data from you. 

Sonya Mihaljova
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Issue is still not resolved.



I had the same problem when trying to install the first time.

Since I never had an installation of TestComplete on this machine the information above about uninstall is not helpful. Uninstall something that is not installed simply is not possible.

I resolved the problem by downloading the same setup a second time but this time from a different page: Your Trial of TestComplete | SmartBear Software using the 'Try Any Tool for Free' - button.

The installation of this download worked, but now I had to register once again for the trial license. A pop-up was asking me how to continue and I needed to register once more. The trial license then worked fine and the tool can be used as expected.


Hope it might help someone who faces the same problem.

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