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9 years ago

Unable to install TestComplete Trial Version


 I am using testComplete for the first time to do the POC for one of our client

I have downloaded the trial version of Test Complete Mobile Automation tool 



But getting the error when i try to install. Just after opening the downloaded executable file getting the  error "1152 Error Extracting Test Complete.msi to the temporary location"

 Attached the Error Screenshot.


Please help me with this ASAP.


  • Thanks for help.


    I think the firewalls and antivirus of our office server/machine is causing the issue.

    When we try to download TestComplete from my personal laptop in my home WIFI it is getting downloaded without any issue.


    Thanks a lot :)

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    Hi Prakashsun,


    I’ve removed the link from your question as this is a personal link.


    As for your question, I suppose that the installation file was corrupted while downloading. I would recommend that you download it one more time by using a special download tool, for example this one. Please let me know how it goes.

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      Thanks for the quick reply.


      I have downloaded the Test complete8  from the http://download.cnet. com.

      I was able to install and when i try launching it asks to activate the license.

      but even after activating the license successsfully i am getting the pop up to activate the license again when i try to launch testcomplete.


      I have attached the screenshots for your reference.


      Please let me know if you need more details