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TestExecute freeze with indicator 'Playback' status endless

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TestExecute freeze with indicator 'Playback' status endless

I'm developing .Net Program with TestExecute. I followed the direction in document "Calling Script Routines via COM"

First of all when I make same unit run in several times(it was for sample test, I did it 100 times), I find out that the processing time increased gradually. 

The goal of unit is just mouse click and input keyboard values on Browser "Firefox".

So I wanted to make the last process time similar as time of begining, and I tried quit "TestExecute Process", recreate the process and reconnect at code.


What I've used is

 => (ITestCompleteCOMManager)TestExecuteManager.Quit();


=> var TestExecuteObject = Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetTypeFromProgID(TEProgID));


And after the Quit method, I give it pause until Process really died.

But when new created Process launched with unit, it stucks with indicator status "Playback" endlessly.

I can't get why TestExecute stops. 

Please help. If there's a another way to reduce the process time of end part, Let me know. Thanks a lot.


Community Manager

Re: TestExecute freeze with indicator 'Playback' status endless

Hi @anna_gl,


If you can stably reproduce this issue, I suggest that you:

1) check that you are using the latest TestExecute version

2) contact the Support team and provide them with the debug info.

Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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