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3 years ago
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Name Mapping Folder request in the Aliases Section

We want to setup our objects in a folder structure within the Namemapping area this would allow for ease of use

when creating a new script. At this point there is no way to add New Folders in the Aliases section for us to move the objects into.



  • Hi, 

    What do you think would be within the folders? Would the folder be the Page-Object, and have the individual objects within that? 

    Or is this more for organization within the namemapping repository 

  • All of the objects for a section of the website we are working with.


    For instance:


          Deal Name



          Several Buttons on the main page which will take you to another page within the program


    So what we want is these objects to be set up in various folders because the site gets very deep where you can go from the main dashboard into another section of the program. Each page has extensive numbers of items.

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    I am having a similar issue.

    I am working on testing a multi-page form where many of the same elements appear over and over again on each form page within the sequence.

    Sometimes, TestComplete's automatic NameMapping is not adequate to the task. It creates XPaths that identify multiple different objects on the same page.

    Now, I can create XPath myself is that unique to that element on that page. However, there is no easy way to create a new Name Mapping object.

    My work around for now is to create a new Name Mapped Object by

    Copy and paste current Named Map object.
    Rename Name Mapped Object
    Change Xpath of Name Mapped Object.

    This allows me to create a more sensible hierarchy with names that make sense for the project.

    The current feature set just makes one giant list with some hierarchies that don't match the project.

    By using the above work around, I can create a hierarchy more suited to the project.

    - StepNumberOne
    - FeatureOne

    What I'd really like is a way to create a NEW BLANK NAME MAPPED OBJECT which I can place where I want and name it whatever I want. It would also be great if I had the option of automatically replicating this new object, with the current hierarchy, the aliases folder.

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    We agree with what is being said. We have a left nav and top nav that is maintained across all pages opened. If we click on a left nav link for example and get redirected to the page we have one name mapping representation. One we are in the page opened and click in the left nav for another page redirection. that object is now under the page we just clicked from instead of maintaining the left nav object and extending the links or menu items that follow the path of the left nav.