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11 years ago

Request: Show object in name map using object spy

The name mapping in TC is not one of my favourite areas I must admit. Although I do like the use of Aliases to reduce the complexity of the object references.

Anyway. Can I request an additional feature to the object spy?

When you are in your Aliases, you can right click and "Find Mapped Object" which shows you where something sits in the full object tree map.

Can something be added to the object spy to give similar functionality?

So spy an object on screen and if already mapped, give the option to show/goto it in the name map tree and/or alias tree? (QTPro has this and it's very useful)

I find the object mapping can be a bit klunky sometimes. I'm using it just now and it sometimes doesn't put child object where I expect them when I map them. When it does this it can be hard to work out where it actually has put it as it doesn't highlight the new object or anything once inserted. I usually try and map it again to get it to tell me where it is when the new mapping fails.

A bit more in the way of navigation aids between screen/object spy/name maps/alias maps would be really helpful.


(Unless there is something like this in there already and I've simply missed it ....)
  • Hi Colin,


    As a rule, from the Object Spy, you can get access to the Name Mapping editor by using the approach suggested by Joe, or by switching to the Object Browser and navigating to Name Mapping from it.


    As you don't have the Mapped Name property filled in, it means that TestComplete couldn't identify that this object had been mapped. As a result, the product cannot show it in the Name Mapping editor. I suggest that you try troubleshooting to know why TestComplete doesn't identify the object as the mapped one. Perhaps, some properties of this object or its parent were changed.


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