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10 years ago

Request: Show object in name map using object spy

The name mapping in TC is not one of my favourite areas I must admit. Although I do like the use of Aliases to reduce the complexity of the object references. Anyway. Can I request an additiona...
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    10 years ago
    Hi Colin,


    As a rule, from the Object Spy, you can get access to the Name Mapping editor by using the approach suggested by Joe, or by switching to the Object Browser and navigating to Name Mapping from it.


    As you don't have the Mapped Name property filled in, it means that TestComplete couldn't identify that this object had been mapped. As a result, the product cannot show it in the Name Mapping editor. I suggest that you try troubleshooting to know why TestComplete doesn't identify the object as the mapped one. Perhaps, some properties of this object or its parent were changed.