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5 years ago

Web Module - List of plug-ins is invalid error

Hello all,

I've recently started using TestComplete 12.5 at my place of work (we have several floating modules for Desktop and Web modules). I'm trying to utilise the Web module to script some regression tests on one of our web applications. However, whenever I try to select the Web extension I receive an error "the current list of plug-ins is invalid...." (see attached image).


Also, when starting a new project I'm unable to select 'Functional testing of web pages' despite having a web module licence.


Other employees within our company have version 12.10 installed and do not encounter these issues. Does anybody  have any suggestions?


It's worth noting that the security policy is relatively strict within our company so we have limited access/controls over application modifications.

  • Hi,


    The error message you provided sounds to me as some versions conflict.
    I would suggest to try to uninstall TestComplete and install it a-new.

    Follow Marsha's suggestion if reinstall does not help.


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