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6 years ago

Web Application Testing in Windows 2012 Server Through Scheduler

Hi Team,


I have previously automated a .NET based web application of my client using UFT which runs from a remote .NET Windows 2012 Server. This execution was scheduled in the windows Task scheduler that will invoke the scripts to launch UFT, connect to HP ALM Quality Center, pick the required test set and then execute them one by one, log the results to an HTML report and send the report to intended email recipients at the end of the execution. All these steps are done through an automated process without any manual intervention.


Now, I have another .NET application which needs to be automated in the similar way. However, due to limitations with the UFT tool, I have started using TestComplete tool for the automation. 


I request your suggestions on the following queries,


- Whether Automation can be setup in Windows 2012 server using TestComplete in a similar flow as used in UFT

- If yes, What are the steps to achieve the same and whether test complete has its own scheduler. 

- The steps to integrate the HP ALM QC 12.53 with Test Complete in the Server machine. 


Kindly do the needful at the earliest. 

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      Hi baxatob,


      Thank you for the reply. The links that you have provided are really helpful. 


      However, Since my existing Automation used UFT, I had multiple challenges such as installation of UFT in the Server machine, VB script file creations that will invoke the main script which inturn will invoke the UFT, ALM QC, open the required test set, run each test cases in the test set, temporarily store the test results in an Access DB, Consolidate the report output into an html report after the execution gets completed and auto-trigger email with the report to the desired email recipients. 


      Based on the links, I could see that TestComplete supports installation in Windows 2012 server and currently the server already has ALM QC setup in it. Please let me know on the below,


      - The Previous automation using UFT would run in the server even if it is not logged in or connected to. Due to this some of the scripts that does screen verification of few objects would fail. Will TestComplete would be able to run the scripts even if I am not logged in or connected to the Server. 


      - I am facing diffculty in setting up integration between QC and TestComplete due to compatibility issues between 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Please share with me any weblink that has step by step resolution for the same. 


      - How to tweak the existing report log in Testcomplete such that I can reuse it to send reports in email to the required participants and


      - How to configure the auto-email trigger in TestComplete. I am aware that emails can be triggered from ALM QC. However, I am planning to use it as the last option incase if emails cannot be configured using TestComplete. 


      Kindly provide your valuable suggestions or inputs based on which I would be able to proceed with the installation of TestComplete in the Windows 2012 Server.