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11 years ago

Scheduling test run on a Virtual Machine

Does anyone know a way of running a scheduled TestComplete run on a virtual machine without having a Remote Desktop session connected at the time of the run?
  • To have a user still logged on and the TestExecute instance fooled into thinking that the VM is still outputting an image to a screen you need to send to console.

      Create a batch file on the desktop of the VM with this one line in it.

    tscon 2 /dest:console

      Then run that (double click on it). This should disconnect you from the VM and send the images to console. It leaves the user that is logged on still logged on. This makes TestExecute believe that the image is still on a screen. Therefore TestExecute won't give you the "The operation cannot be performed, because the user session is disconnected." error.

    Hope this helps.

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