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2 years ago

Visualizer and source control

We recently added our test complete projects and as suggested in my other question I turned off "bind visualizer frames to SCC". I am not sure what are the best practices with regard to working with SCC.


I still  have two issues. 


Issue #1.


When I try to add a new mapping and the NameMapping is not checked out the application tells me that "to perform the action I need to check out the MameMapping item". I click ok and I get an error stating that a png tile is not found in my workspace or I don't have a permission to access it. The error popup lists many different png files and a NameMapping.tcNM is also listed. I can only click OK and nothing happens. 


When I go back to the project explorer I can manually check out the NameMapping by right clicking and selecting check out for edit under source control. Then I get a confirmation dialog with all the png and .tcNM files listed. Once I check those files out I can add a new mapping


Why doesn't the application know automatically what needs to be checked out when I simply want to add a new mapping? Do I always have to check out the NameMapping manually before I try to add a new mapping?


Issue #2


Even with  "bind visualizer frames to SCC" turned off I am still getting those png files checked out automatically. I am guessing that slows SCC interactions too.

Should the references to them be removed and what's the best way to do that? What's the best practice to handle this?


Do I need to have "collect test visualizer data" options set to off even when the "bind visualizer to scc" is not checked?





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