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6 years ago

What Visualizer Files should be put under Source Control, if any?

TestComplete's Git plug-in can choose all the necessary files that are needed and optional to enter source control; however, it is recommended by SmartBear not to choose this option as it will include all the image files collected and this can slow down the retrieval process from Git to a user's test box. Therefore, I need to individually select what image files will be needed. I know that image files used for "region tests" a will be stored, which is desired, and I know I won't select the .png files; however, should the TestVisualizer files .tcVis and .xml be choosen for source control?


    • .tcVis - Index files that store links to image files shown in the Test Visualizer panel.
    • .png - Images that are shown in the Test Visualizer panel.
    • .xml - Files that store information about the objects displayed in the images shown in the Test Visualizer panel.

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