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12 years ago

VCL's DevExpress controls problem.


I am facing some problems when it comes to create an object checkpoint on a TdxBarLargeButton control. The TdxBarLargeButton is not getting highlighted but only its parent(TdxBar). I have checked the extensions for the "Developers Express components support 9.0" plugins and it's activated. I have also checked the object mapping for the VCL DevExpress controls from the article "" and to me everything seems to be ok. I have also compiled the application including TD32 debug info(codegear delphi 2007 ide).

Also, one of my colleague said he faced this same problem and solved it when he started to use TestComplete a while ago, but he did not remember which TC version he had installed on its PC.

Tested with DevExpress library 6 build 58 under TestComplete version 9.0

Thank you for your help,


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    Hi Marc,

    I'm not quite sure, but as far as I can see, the mentioned help topic says the supported version of the control you are testing is Developer Express ExpressBars 6 build 49, but you are using build 58. Maybe, the implementation of the control has changed since build 49, and thus, TestComplete cannot access the corresponding object.

    I hope this information helps :)