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6 years ago

v12.6 Issues with Xamarin Forms Android Objects



I was using v12.5 with our Xamarin Forms application and all was moving along.  However, I've recently installed v12.6 (and re-instrumented with the new DLLs) and now TestComplete can't see my objects any more.  Before, the property "XFControlName" worked like a charm but now this field is only blank on all my objects.  I find some distinguishing properties buried way down in "StyleId" but these are shared across controls usually and not always unique.  I've worked with the develeoper re-building multiple times now with the same result.  Works fine instrumenting in v12.5 but not in v12.6.  He made one mention that the injected assembly was like a 12.0.0 version but not sure if that makes a difference.  At this point, all signs point to instrumenting Xamarin Forms applications in v12.6 is broken.


Attaching two images of the way objects were previously recognized in 12.5 and now how everything is just a "RadEntry" in 12.6.


Anyone else have issues with the latest version and Xamarin Forms applications??



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