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3 years ago

Unable to store correct value returned from database select query



I'll try to explain the problem with as much detail as possible. In summary I'm trying to read a value from the db and use it in my scripts. 


I created a db table variable using database query, query select is "select FIRST 1 ORDER_ID from ORDERS ORDER by ORDER_TIME desc"


When I view the result from the  edit DB table variable value, it returns correct expected number which is a numeric value as per the DB schema. 


but when I try to read this value in my code using lastOrderID = Project.Variables.OrderID.Value["ORDER_ID"], I get this value which is alpha numeric with decimals in it. 




This is what I get when I try to add database table checkpoint 


Can someone help me identify what's wrong here? I have tried retrieving this value using direct script, creating a db table variable and using db query and finally using datatable table checkpoint wizard. No success so far.