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9 years ago

TestComplete returns NULL from Excel in Property Checkpoint, but returns Correct value in Jscript

I am using the Property Checkpoint to verify a value from UI with a value from an Excel. The checkpoint returns a NULL value from the Excel, but when i use a script to do the same, i get the correct value.


Please let me know what the issue is.


P.S: This is just one of the many "irregularities" i have found in TestComplete. Will bring them up when i get time.

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    9 years ago



    After reading several articles on TestComplete DDT and Excel compatibility, and even after trying the apostrophe <'> hack, my problem persisted.


    Taking info from other articles and the much helpful replies above, that TestComplete determines the format of a Row based on the First Cell of that Row, I Stored a junk value 'X' in all the Empty Cells(which were not required) in my Excel. Now my scripts run smoothly. :smileyvery-happy: 


    Thanks for your replies!

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    Make sure ALL cells of your column have the same type/format. This is a common error when working with Excel Sheets. Testcomplete does not recogize different data types/formats in the same column. I read it somewhere in Tescomplete help.




    Leandro de Araújo Souza

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      Yes, i tried that too. However, how is it possible that i get the data by using Jscript for the same Excel, but the Checkpoint returns NULL.

      To make it more clear,


      Log.Message(Project.Variables.QAT_ESDH_Properties.Value("IDKort")); -> returns 8760913


      Property Checkpoint - reading from the same Cell -> returns NULL


      I even tried removing and adding the Excel, resetting the data loop, restarting Testcomplete. and even restarting my computer.. :smileytongue:

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        How about if you assign the value from Excel to a variable forcing the conversion to a string, like this:


        var myvar = aqConvert.VarToStr(Project.Variables.QAT_ESDH_Properties.Value("IDKort"));


        and then in the checkpoint


        CheckProperty(myObj, "myProperty", cmpEqual, myvar);


        Please, let me know the outcome ;)