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5 years ago

Device loop does not return correct value for Aliases.Device.Name

I have a very simple device loop. And i have 2 devices connected to my laptop. One is an android device SM-G960W and another is an iphone.

The issue i am noticing is that, when i put a debug point on the Log message here and check the value of the following, they return different values. Since 2 devices are connected, the above test will run for 2 iterations.


Iteration 1:


Iteration 2:


While Mobile.Device().Name is returning the correct value, Aliases.Device.Name is always returns the 1st device that i connected to my machine out of the 2 devices connected. In the case above, Android device is connected first and Aliases.Device.Name is returning the android device for both the iterations.


Any idea how to fix this issue? 




  • I figured it out. It is the issue with the way i did my name mapping. All good now. Thanks a lot.

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      Tried that. But, it still did not work for me.


      I tried RefreshMappingInfo() for the name mapping item that i am interested in, which is a text field in this case.


      Mobile.Device().Name prints the correct ios device name for me.

      Aliases.Device.FullName still show the android device name. I expect to see the android device.


      As i explained in my post, Aliases.Device.FullName is always disaplaying the device that is connected first to the computer.


      I have also tried setting the ios device using Mobile.SetCurrent("ios_device_name", 1);

      and performed RefreshMappingInfo() for the name mapping item that i am interested in.

      but Aliases.Device.FullName still prints the andoid device.

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        Have you tried

        Aliases.Device.RefreshMappingInfo() ?


        Also, how your device is mapped in NameMapping?