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2 years ago

unable to install test execute license via offline

Hi Team,


I am trying to activate my free trial license for Test execute via license manager 


when i hit the url provided the data which i have got from license manager it gives me error "The specified license key cannot be activated."

can you please help me in understanding what should be provided in License Key as i haven't received any license key from Smart bear when i registered


Thank you


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    Hi rraghvani 
    i have followed the same still i am seeing the same issue.
    The one thing which i don't understand here is that 
    in the below link 
    Activating Licenses
    under section 2 "Collect info about License Manager PC". There is a point which states 
    If you are activating the trial license, the wizard will also display the trial license key. Remember it or write it down.

    but there is no key which it is displaying there as you can see in my screenshot in the first post.
    can you please help

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    I suggest you get in contact with SmartBear, they will be able to resolve your issues quickly.


    I'm not sure whether you need to be online to activate the trail license.

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    I found the solution to activate the trial license offline