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4 years ago

License file installation in Docker

I am trying to install TestEngine with Dockerfile. Into a K8S Cluster. I have simply this in my Dockerfile.


FROM smartbear/readyapi-testengine:latest
But, I am seeing error 
16:20:41,864 ERROR [QuartzJobsScheduler] Missing License Details, scheduleLicenseExpirationJob would be skipped
16:20:41,864 ERROR [QuartzJobsScheduler] Missing License Details, scheduleLicenseTokenUpdateJob would be skipped
All, I want to know is where to install the license file in the Dockerfile. I HAVE the license file .key file with me. not on the license server.
I tried copying the file to the / in the Dockerfile. Like this:
COPY abcd.key /abcd.key
But that didn't help. So, please I am looking for the path where the license file need to be place