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3 years ago

unable to get screenshot of device


What is the solution for this?

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  • Hi praked1 


    Where was this warning generated? 

    Have you checked the app security settings mentioned in the warning?

    Can you give some steps to reproduce?



  • Dears,

    I am facing the same issue in every Android device having OS 11 or more, kindly help me to resolve the issue.
    Description: Add the tested application, and select the option 'Show/hide mobile screen'. application would be installed but the screen of device will not be shown and the above mentioned error is shown in TestComplete.

    Kindly advice the solution.


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    FLAG_SECURE is a display flag declared in an app’s code. This flag is designed to prevent the data from appearing in screenshots or from being viewed on non-secure displays. Developers declare this flag when the app’s content should not be visible outside of the app or users’ device.

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    How do we get rid of this.. Is there any way to get in displayed in show/hide mobile screen