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7 years ago

Android Testing - Unable to connect to device


I am working on testing our website on mobile browser (Chrome). I am using Android device. Here is info on versions 

Testcomplete : 12.5

Android version : 8.0

Device : Samsung Galaxy S8 plus


So I enabled the developer mode, Stay away is on and USB debugging is on. I recorded a small test and it works fine. Now I disconnected the device and after a day connected that again. At this point when I click on show mobile screen on test complete, it throws me error as "Unable to connect to device with device ID <id>". Here is a screen shot of the issue 


An help will be appreciated. 


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    7 years ago



    Thanks for the info. I did all that but nothing happened. I disconnect the device and reconnect and it started working. 


    Thanks for the help. 

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